Unicef 4D Experience

For UNICEF, we created an immersive experience in a 4D theatre. We proudly presented our 4D experience which arouses all senses within the viewer’sbody. An experience the visitor was not likely to forget.  

A sea container was transformed into a 4D theatre with surround sound, wall and ground projection, smell dispensers, heat panels, and ventilators, to truly immerse the audience into the story. In our 4D Experience, you really step into the shoes of those in need.  UNICEF used the container for, amongst others, the Amsterdam Christmas Market, the 50+ Beurs, Rollende Keukens, Rotterdam Summer Carnival, the Lego Beurs, and Parkpop. ]

I was responsible for all music and sound effects and voice-over recording


In collaboration with Rooftop & PwC, we’ve created an interactive VR experience to make employees and partners of PWC grasp the urgency of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and PWC’s sustainability mission. 

The SDG Dome is a space that accommodates eight people with a 360° panoramic image of the world displayed on its screen, visitors wearing VR glasses are taken on a journey along the consequences of our actions on the planet, ranging from the destruction of the rainforest, pollution of drinking water to the production of cheap goods in sweatshops. After the virtual journey ends, visitors play a game where the solve the UN’s world goals. 

I was responsible for most of the in-game music/SFX

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